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Dear Aspiring Baseball Players and Family Members,

There are many talented high school baseball players out there trying hard to become successful college baseball players. Landing a college baseball scholarship, making it through the recruiting process, finding the right opportunities, gaining exposure, and doing the things required to get a baseball scholarship can be a real challenge that most high school baseball players and their families are not prepared for.

This is why two top college baseball scholarships and recruiting experts have created a course that takes you step-by-step through the process and the requirements and walks you right through how to successfully maneuver and come out on top of the college baseball scholarship and recruiting process.

We want YOU to succeed. That’s why in the Official Guide to College Baseball Scholarships & Recruiting System we have taken our 35 plus years of experience working with players and their families all around the country and given you a system packed with techniques, tips and strategies so you can successfully position yourself as a successful baseball scholarship candidate, learn how to create an effective recruitment plan, get college coaches attention, and market your value as player, student, and person.

The Official Guide to College Baseball Scholarship & Recruiting Program Covers Everything You Need to Know to Succeed…

You’ll also learn…

raster (2)How to Market and Sell Your Baseball Talents  Honestly and with Success!

The most common mistakes players and their families make is their lack of knowledge of the process and inability to market their talents as a player to the right schools. We’ll show you how to market your talents, find the right schools, and gain the knowledge you need right away so you can get to work and see success.

You’ll discover…

  • What options are out there for your son?
  • How to manage the academic piece of the athletic scholarship process.
  • How to create an amazingly effective college baseball recruitment plan.
  • How to identify the colleges that will be the best fit and have the most potential.
  • How to land time in front of the right college coaches.
  • How to assess your skills correctly and gain immediate direction in the process.
  • How to market and promote your skills and generate BIG results.
  • How to speak to coaches (what to say, what to ask, and what not to do)
  • How to use social media, video, and the internet to really ramp up your level of success
  • How to go from not knowing the college recruiting and scholarship process to becoming an expert, and much more…

You’ll also learn…

The Baseball Recruitment Marketing Techniques and Strategies That the Most Successful Players & Families Use

  • Why marketing to the wrong colleges can be a BIG mistake.
  • How a showcase is run, setup, structured, and the value your son can get out of it. We show the players which ones to attend, how to prepare, and what to expect.
  • In-depth discussions on how to determine right fit for possible schools for your son.
  • Why the best player on the team does not always get the best scholarship, but the player who is marketed the best DOES!
  • Learn how much money you can expect a baseball scholarship to save you on college tuition cost, and the best plan of attack based on this knowledge.
  • What college scholarship marketing tools work and which ones do not (videos, online profiles, social media, e-mailing coaches, camps, showcases, unofficial visits, etc...
  • The tactics and strategy used by successful players and their families who have received scholarships to play college baseball – and how you can use it too!

Plus, Now You’ll Also Get…

The Information Modules….Each module has been created in audio and video format, and the information in each module is what makes The Official Guide to College Baseball Scholarships & Recruiting Guide the ultimate and total college baseball scholarships and recruiting course with everything you need to make it through the recruiting process successfully. Here’s what you’ll receive…

The Official Guide to College Baseball Scholarships & Recruiting Comes with 15 Modules.

  • Module 1: Program Goals
  • Module 2: So You Want To Play College Baseball
  • Module 3: Divisions Breakdowns & Options
  • Module 4: 10 Critical Tasks to Complete
  • Module 5: Parent & Player Roles
  • Module 6: Assessing a Good Fit
  • Module 7: Academic Requirements
  • Module 8: Skills Assessment
  • Module 9: This Is a Business
  • Module 10: Developing a Recruitment Plan
  • Module 11: How to Get Exposure
  • Module 12: Showcases & What to Expect
  • Module 13: Social Media Do’s & Don’ts
  • Module 14: Marketing Secrets
  • Module 15: I Have a Scholarship, Now What

   See What Top Baseball Experts Are Saying   

“The Official Guide to Baseball Scholarships & Recruiting will help any high school baseball player and their family navigate the world of college baseball opportunities.”

- Mark Mulder

1st round draft pick Oakland A's
MLB All Star 2003 and 2004
World Series champ St Louis 2005
Current ESPN baseball anaylst


“Andy had multiple Division l offers both athletically and academically. He chose to be a preferred walk on and we couldn’t have been happier with his choice. It fit all of our criteria in choosing a college athletically, academically and financially. The Official Guide helped in all aspects of college baseball recruiting.”

- Marvin, Kathy and Andy A.

Division l

1st Round Draft Pick Oakland A's
MLB All Star 2003 and 2004
World Series Champ St Louis 2005
Current ESPN Baseball Analyst

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  • BONUS #1: Baseball College Recruiters Timeline
  • BONUS #2: List of All Colleges With Sports Baseball Programs
  • BONUS #3: 10 Step By Step College Recruitment Plan document
  • BONUS #4: List of the Most Helpful Athletic Scholarships and Sports Websites
  • BONUS #5: List of the Most Helpful Baseball Offers/Programs
  • BONUS #6: Ability for Parents to Become Affiliate and Resell This Program to Help Other Parents and to Make Extra Income for yourself. High school baseball coaches and summer team baseball coaches can use this opportunity to raise money for their clubs!

Your Investment

raster (7)By now’m sure you can see the true value you’ll get from the Official Guide to College Baseball Scholarship & Recruiting System — proven strategies and techniques to help you truly understand the recruiting process and increase your chances of getting a baseball scholarship…plus you’ll save yourself from making the mistakes that over 78% of the other baseball parents are making, and unfortunately hurting theirs sons chance of playing college baseball.

What if you apply all the strategies and techniques you learn through the The Official Guide to College Baseball; Scholarships & Recruiting and your son lands a college baseball scholarship? How much would that be worth to you?

What if you changed your current approach based on what you learn and are able to get a scholarship that covers 33% - 80% of your sons college tuition cost right now?

Or what if you get the course and then only land a smaller scholarship covering 33% of the college tuition cost, and even more importantly, your son gets to live out his dream and play college baseball.

The course could cost only $679…

Would you invest $679 to cover over $30,000 in college scholarships (not to mention the pride and joy of knowing your son was a college baseball player)?

Would that be worth it to you?

Of course it would. Regardless of what stage you’re at in the college baseball recruitment process, an extra $10,000 to $40,000 that is real money that you can save off of college tuition cost to go on vacation, pay bills, use towards your mortgage…

The Official Guide to College Baseball Scholarships & Recruiting won’t cost you $579 however. It won’t even cost you $500.

Because we want to help as many players and families as we can, we have priced the course at a very reasonable price.

The cost to get this course is just $379.

And remember… you get 24 hours a day online access to the course. All the professionally produced modules that make up the course… the complete audios… the 6 bonus tools… access to our exclusive private Facebook community… PLUS other value-driven recruiting and scholarship tools to help your son and your family successfully navigate the college baseball recruiting process!

No Risk Money-Back Guarantee

grOn top of everything else, we are so sure that you will really like and value the course that we will let you evaluate The Official Guide to College Baseball; Scholarships & Recruiting for 30 days at no risk. If you’re not convinced that what you’ve learned has put you on the path to becoming a more successful college baseball scholarship candidate, and help you get much closer to landing a college baseball scholarship, simply send us an email outlining the steps you’ve taken to implement what you’ve learned and return the materials you’ve received and we’ll give you a FULL refund. Seriously, it’s as straightforward as that.

Don’t delay. Order The Official Guide to College Baseball; Scholarships & Recruiting, the Ultimate College Baseball Scholarship Education System now and start enjoying the college baseball recruitment process and earn the baseball scholarship you deserve as a successful consultant.

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Over 35 Years of Combined Baseball Coaching, Scholarship, and College Recruiting Experience

Greg Gunderson – Greg has brought very special direction and a wealth of knowledge to our program.  It is Greg’s background that really allows the program to be like no other.  Greg was a scholarship D1 Pitcher at the University of Cincinnati.  He was drafted out of college and was a minor league player for the Philadelphia Phillies. Greg also has the distinction of coaching college baseball at the highest levels.  He is a highly respected former Division I Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator for top baseball programs like Michigan State, University of Cincinnati, and Eastern Kentucky.  Today Greg is a highly sought after Personal Baseball Instructor for professional, college, and high school players.  Greg has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of players and their parents when it comes to the college baseball recruiting process.  He is has been involved in the recruiting process as a player, a college baseball coach, college baseball recruiter, and as a high level Personal Baseball instructor.

mooreJeff Moore – Jeff is a successful entrepreneur and executive who saw the need for players ad parents to have the ability to learn the college baseball scholarship and recruiting process.  Personally conducting over 100 hours of work and research, he and his company OneCom Media developed the goals, principles, content, technology, and the layout behind this program.  Jeff is no stranger to baseball.  He has held roles as a youth baseball coach, baseball administrator, and is a parent who has gone through the college baseball scholarship and recruiting process with his son.  Jeff is has been committed to helping other parents through the college recruiting process as well by providing insight and advice every step of the way.  Jeff is an expert in the baseball scholarship and recruiting process.  His role focuses on the players and parents expectations, roles, and challenges throughout the process.  “As the owner of OneCom Media, the company that created the Official Guide to College Baseball, we are extremely pleased to be able to help players and parents manage and find success in the baseball scholarship and recruiting process.”


Just a Few Baseball Programs That
Support Our Program…

Some of the Many Reasons to get “The Official Guide to Baseball Scholarships & Recruiting”

  • Learn everything you need to know to successfully help your son when it comes to the college baseball scholarship and recruiting process. We will teach you step by step!
  • Gain a keen understanding of the best opportunities for your son as a college baseball player.
  • Learn how you can position your sons skills and talents to stand out amongst other players and get noticed.
  • Learn the best way to find the right fit for your son at the best college.
  • Learn the college baseball recruiting process start to finish
  • Even if you are somewhat knowledgeable already, this course will provide you with step-by-step guidance
  • Allow you to successfully navigate the collge baseball recruiting process
  • Establish best and most successful practices
  • Implement a successful plan to gain maximum exposure and promote your son’s skills, talents, and abilities
  • Allow your son to gain visibility from college baseball coaches

Your information helped my son land a scholarship that will allow him to attend a great school, get an excellent education, and save his mother and a lot of money.LOL!  We are so proud of him, and so grateful for your program!

-  Bill Hagen - Parent

"This is the ideal course for learning all of the “ins and outs” of not just learning about the college baseball recruiting process but developing a recruitment plan that will work. Priceless advice and a ton of helpful bonuses that will show you step by step what you need to do. Highly recommended!”

-  Jeff King - Parent

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To your success,

Jeff Moore and Greg Gunderson
J&G Sports


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